Aurora Borealis Over the Knik River

Aurora Borealis Over the Knik River Alaska

This is a photo of the aurora borealis over the Knik River and the Chugach Mountains near Butte Alaska. This photo was taken August 25th, 2013 at 3:09 am. I had just arrived at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport around midnight that night on my first trip to Alaska and I was already photographing […]

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A Photographer in 1912

The Plight of A Photographer in 1912

A Photographer in 1912 A Photographer in 1912 – It seems that not a lot has changed since the old days of photography. This poor fellow lays it all on the line with his sign. It reads: AMATEURS PLIGHT CAMERA. TRIPOD. PLATES. DEVELOPER. FIXER. CARDS. TRAYS. RED WORKING LIGHT. MONEY ALL GONE BUSTED IF YOU […]

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A Sunday Drive

Sunday Driver Picture Taker

Have you ever been driving down a country road and glanced to the side and then slammed your brakes, put it reverse, jumped out to snap a photo and then drive on? A photographer can be the worse Sunday Driver to get behind when the light is right unless they’re in a hurry to get […]

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Columbia River Sunset

Fishing with Meadow Muffin

I thought that I would post one of the very first digital landscape photos that I made. Anything that I did prior to this was terrible due to the primitive cameras that I had. This photo struck me when I looked at it on the computer. This is before I was using any post processing […]

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Photographing the Columbia River Gorge

Photographing the Columbia River Gorge

Photographing the Columbia River Gorge  – A day Photographing the Columbia River Gorge with my client and now friend Chris Byrne from Chris Byrne Photography. This was a great day for a photography adventure. This video was taken a couple season’s ago prior to the recent Eagle Creek fire that devastated the Columbia River Gorge. Most all of […]

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Grizzly Giant - Carleton Watkins

Grizzly Giant – Carleton Watkins

Grizzly Giant – Carleton Watkins I want to tell a story while It’s on my mind. Something that is becoming more relevant in my life as time goes on. A story of a well intentioned photographer and a giant Sequoia called Grizzly Giant – Carleton Watkins. I’ve always been a huge fan of the late 19th […]

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Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi Trucks Band Portland Oregon

Tedeschi Trucks Band Portland Oregon November 3, 2017. Low light, no flash, hand held photography is something that needs to be understood by any photographer of any genre or style. There are many times where one will need to get a shot but a flash or a tripod are not an option. A great way […]

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Wedding Photography

A Primer on Wedding Photography

With the Spring and Summer months behind us and the Fall and Winter months ahead many people start planning ahead for the next season’s warm weather activities. Many of these plans will revolve around weddings and wedding engagements. Because of that I’ve decided to try to provide some information that will help in deciding what […]

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Eagle Creek Fire, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon - Charlie Riter Photo

Taking Care of Our Forests

Here on Mount Hood we are literally surrounded by forestlands. Our homes touch the edge of the Mount Hood National Forest and with increased recreational usage, and in light of the recent Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge, concerns about wildfires and overuse are increasing. Many people aren’t aware that our local village […]

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