Arches National Park Stops Issuing Backpacking Permits

The Maze District Canyonlands

The Maze District Canyonlands

I have never been inside the gates of Arches National Park because there are too many people there. I have hiked Canyonlands and Cedar Mesa in Southern Utah extensively on wilderness trails instead.

Barring the fact that there are too many humans on these trails, if we all were proper stewards of our public land this kind of thing may not be happening. In time all public land will require permits to access as a form of regulation. The amount of permits issued will dictate how many people are on the trail. No more will you find open trail heads. Welcome to the future.
Think about this for a second. When you go out on a hike create a mindset that you are going out to maintain the trail by not cutting new paths and staying on established trails and take along a trash bag to pick up the trash that you may find along the way. In the last five years there's been an absolutely alarming amount of wear and vandalism that has taken place in the Columbia River Gorge, a place that I have loved dearly and hiked since I was a boy. It's so heartbreaking for me to see this happening.
As in all things in life, if we all had the attitude that we are going to make all that we touch better we'd be better stewards of this planet that we call home and a better more advanced communal species.
This land belongs to us all. We all must do our part to preserve and protect it. 
Read about it at this link.

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