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Playful Little Bears

I love Denali. This last trip in August was my second trip into the park and this trip was the best. The skies were clear which allowed for a great view of Denali the mountain as well as the animals roaming the early Autumn tundra. For those unaware, when you explore within the park you […]

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The Turnagain Arm Bore Tide

The Turnagain Arm Bore Tide August 31, 2016. Darlene and I had a great time hunting down the bore tide on this day. We intercepted it at Bird Point and chased it to Girdwood. The surfers were kicking ass until the wave broke up a bit here.

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Alaska Glacier Workshop 2016

Alaska is an amazing place. It’s so expansive that the scale is nothing that can be imagined but needs to be experienced to comprehend. Even the travel from location to location can be challenging in its distance. There is so much to see in Alaska that careful planning or a lot of time to wander […]

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