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Mount Hood Wildflowers

Well it’s shaping up to be a great year for wildflowers on Mount Hood. The flowers are about gone at the lowest elevations but they’re moving their way up the side of the mountain. We had a great year for snow and a wet and cool Summer so far, generally speaking. The flowers seem to be […]

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Silver City Idaho

Silver City Idaho – Where time stands still. I had the opportunity to visit Silver City Idaho this last June for a day. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that this kind of place still exists in today’s modern world. My friend Bruce and I packed our gear and headed to southeastern Oregon where we […]

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Oregon Aurora

Oregon Aurora – The Northern Lights in the Pacific Northwest There once was a day when I was asked, “What would be your dream shot?” I replied that my dream shot or the impossible shot would be the aurora over Mount Hood, Oregon. Since then Earth has passed into the peak of the solar cycle known as […]

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The Fortress of the Night Sky

The Fortress of the Night Sky The Dee Wright Observatory at Night The car doors closes with a thud and the interior light’s soft glow that’s been allowing us to prepare our gear turns off in an instant leaving our senses to rely on sound as all sight goes away in the black of the […]

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