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What Lens Should I Use?

What Lens Should I Use? The most asked question of me is typically advice in what camera that one should get. I have addressed this in a previous blog post. The second most asked question may be what lens to choose. In SLR (single lens reflex) photography there are basically two types of lenses that […]

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Photographing Lightning

Photographing Lightning Photographing Lightning With Spring and early Summer comes transitional weather that will cause some amazing photography opportunities. Everything from blue skies with majestic thunderheads, rainbows and lightning. It is photographing lightning that I’m asked about how to capture the most.  A lightning bolt typically lasts about 10 to 50 microseconds (0.000050 sec). That’s […]

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An Introduction to Lightroom

Hi folks. I have been asked by a lot of people to create a video introduction to Lightroom. I stayed up late last night and put together an informal video explaining Lightroom’s basics. This should get you started. I hope that this helps to get you motivated to start shooting raw and processing your own photos […]

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